random comment to a russian friend on ruzzian resposibility

instead of victimizing yourself and posting some diarrhea vague position about how you feel personally, why don’t you share the terror crimes of your country and ways to support Ukraine?

you russians always step out of your responsibility blaming your government, your putler, your sanctions, your hurt feelings – if for 15 years you were educating others in dancing, why can’t you educate us and other russians about the terror of your country? 

you russians don’t understand that we’re not canceling or attacking you, we don’t hate you – we are mad because of fear, we expect you and call you out to take responsibility and action against your government and against your ruzzians who support the genocide, because that is your environment, your friends, your family whose actions and beliefs could bring a change

yes, you can’t choose your country and family you’re born, but you can change your country and your family you’re born at

most of you just decide to step out and deny your russianess when it becomes an issue and take advantage of it when you need it 

that’s not how the world citizens and community benefits work – you can’t just take the benefits of the environment without being political, engaged and empathetic about it. it all comes with a commitment. that’s why if you don’t help us fight your government and educate your friends, you can’t expect to be part of the world which celebrates freedom and responsibility. and yes, that is our choice, and no, it’s not hate towards russians – it’s like sanctions are certain rules of the game when you don’t get what you want without an exchange of what we want too. you russians don’t get that responsible community means making a fair deal with each other, it’s not good vibes only or how good person/dancer you are. I think good person and good dancer can’t be friends with a fascist

I know your country is lacking such virtues because your country never experienced freedom, nor responsibility for any democratic values but this is why we are expecting and calling you out to help us fight your country. it’s not hate, nor defamation towards you. telling us any sort of diarrhea about how you want this to end means only you want to come back to comfort and taking advantage of our free world and responsible community – well, this is your chance to become valued members of it, help us end your country’s terror and show your support to Ukraine

to sum up, we don’t care about your feelings – because we have all these feelings as well. I’m asking to start showing the terror of your country and how to support Ukraine because there are still too many who don’t believe what is happening, and do you?

I always thought of you as my friend, I still do, I can’t deny it, I can’t hate you for such doubtful and vague statements as this one, I understand, but I’m deeply, very deeply sad about it – so sad I lose respect and trust in you. what you gonna say to me when your country will come with tanks and missiles to Lithuania?

I want to help you and support you too, I know it’s tough but you gotta show us what you are stepping out of – show us the russian terror, everyday, show us how to support Ukraine


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