Arnas Razgūnas

In addition to travelling the world teaching and all the other delicacies, Arnas is a true jazz enthusiast, explorer and believer who often gets lost to surprise himself and discover things he didn’t think he could do.

Dancer & Educator

Swing dancer, teacher, DJ and jazz enthusiast, inspired mostly by African American vernacular jazz art forms and energetic effortless swinging music.

Organizer & Producer

Co-founder of What a Jazz Dance Studio, co-organizer of swing dance and music festival Swing Paradise, producer at Vilnius City Dance Theatre "Low Air".

Coffee Professional

Barista and co-owner of Espresinė, a specialty coffee boutique in Vilnius, roasting and supplying high-quality artisanal coffee.

Freelance Aficionado

Want to collaborate in a cultural or dance related project? Interested in getting or selling high-quality seasonal specialty coffee? Need a website or e-commerce store? Let's talk about it, I’d love to hear from you.